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Hypnosis has helped many people. It has been proved effective in weight control, to increase one’s self esteem and self confidence, as well as in other habits including  smoking cessation . A 

 I provide a private consultation and confidential treatments which may be scheduled by appointment. Convenient hours including evenings are available.

If difficult periods have been occurring in your life, hypnosis can offer you a realistic solution.

You are invited to work with me on any issue in order to put things in your life back on track.  Let’s journey together to perhaps discovering  for yourself how easy it is to work with a caring and dedicated hypnotist in order to make the positive changes,  you desire,  for your future.

My Latest Testimonial:
Making the call to Liz Pagani was one of the best calls I’ve made. She patiently and compassionately listened to my plead for help, then answered all of my questions about using hypnosis to help me quit smoking. Liz is amazing! She posses the perfect combination of intelligence, experience and intuition to get to the real root of my problem and then created a plan, personalized to me. She would call a few days after a session to follow up and check on my progress. My sessions with Liz far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help quitting smoking or help with many other issues. I am so grateful for the support and resolution I received.

Kara L. 

Here you can see how even Phobias can be corrected by using Hypnosis. Phobias have long been considered difficult or impossible to treat. 
For Example, a lifelong phobia of snakes can be removed in under an hour using the Rewind Technique. You can also view our ex-snake phobic's 3-month follow up where he reveals he has actually been bitten by a snake in the interim.    







Liz Pagani, CHt is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist  and a member in good standing with the following organizations:
National Guild of Hypnotists
American Guild of Hypnotherapists
Society of Psycho Linguistics
American Institute of Hypnotherapy

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Liz Pagani, CHt was recently featured on Community Focus Online.
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