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Expectations of hypnosis


"If you want to know your past - look into your present conditions.
If you want to know your future - look into your present actions." 

The important thing to remember as you embark upon this journey is that it’s a process. Take

your time and enjoy it. Don’t expect perfection – simply relax and have fun with the techniques!

Trust me, they will work much better if you have fun with them, rather than getting mired in

frustration or placing unrealistic expectations on yourself.
 Remember that a large part of success is the contentment you feel in each moment.   

Material objects and other people cannot make us happy 

Only we can make ourselves happy. And it all begins with a choice to be happy.

You probably don’t believe that, especially if you are

experiencing challenges or lack in your life right now. But think  about this: 

why do rich people still experience unhappiness?

Why do successful people still experience unhappiness? Because...

money and success do not automatically create happiness!

Neither do power, status, romance, or material objects. We  simply believe they do because we are looking outside of ourselves for the solution to our problems.